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Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plans (PCIP)

The Affordable Care Act that Congress passed in March 2010 mandated that each state offer a major medical plan for individuals with pre-existing conditions and unable to find coverage on their own.

While 26 states created or expanded existing plans, 24 states chose to allow the federal government to administer a plan on their behalf. Regardless of whether the plan is state or federally run, each and every citizen will qualify if they meet the following criteria.

  1. A person must not have had major medical insurance for 6 months prior to their PCIP application date.

  2. A person must have been declined for health insurance, have a declinable medical condition, offered a policy that was rated up, or offered a policy that exludes pre-existing conditions.

The rates for these plans vary from state to state but are very affordable. In fact, rates in the Pre-Existing Condition Plans may be less than Individual Plans or even lower than those of Limited Medical Plans.

The plans tend to offer low deductibles, include co-pays for office visits, and co-pays for prescription drugs.





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