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Disability Insurance Details

Product Features

  • 14/14 elimination period

  • 12 month benefit period

  • Off the job coverage

  • Benefits are paid directly to the insured unless they specify otherwise
  • Benefits are paid in addition to other insurance the members may have with other insurance companies

  • Total and partial disability benefits. Pays partial benefits after total disability benefits are paid, if the insured returns to work less than 20 hours per week

  • Guaranteed renewable. This policy is guaranteed renewable to the policy anniversary date on or next following the policyholder’s 70th birthday. Premiums can be changed only if we change them on all policies of this kind in the state where the policy is issued

  • Coverage is portable. A member can take this coverage with him if he changes jobs or retires

  • Worldwide coverage. The policyholder is covered for disabilities occurring outside the regularly covered geographical areas for up to 60 days

  • Premiums do not increase as the policyholder ages

  • Unisex rates

  • 2 rate bands Ages 17-49 ($3.25 per month per $100) Ages 50-69 ($4.30 per $100)

  • Waiver of premium after insured is disabled for 90 consecutive days

  • No integration. There is no integration with other coverages. Benefits are paid regardless of benefits received from other sources. For amounts over $3,000 per month, offsetting occurs during the application process

  • GI will be available during the initial enrollment up to to $3,000 maximum

  • $50 Health Screening Rider per calendar year for one of 18 health screening tests

  • 30 day waiting period

  • Rider is guaranteed renewable for life


Benefit Amounts

  • Minimum Amount of $400

  • Maximum Amount of $5000

  • Increments of $100

  • GI amount up to $3000




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